l_54c828c64ee2490bbe2149b2aea4a105It was crisp fall day, late 1960’s in a little town in New Jersey.  The kids were playing and hanging around while the adults burned large piles of leaves, filling the yard with a pleasant aroma.  Then for reasons I still don’t understand, my “friend” decided to push me in.

Thanks to Levi’s and their flame-retardent material, the physical injuries weren’t that bad and healed fairly fast.  But the psychological ones were another story…

For decades, I could not get near fire in any form.  Even a small birthday candle was terrifying.  If for any reason I had to light a match I would pray for it not to work, if it did I would drop it and jump back.

Time passed and new friends came into my life with similar yet different interests, one of which was fire.  I would of course sit as far away as possible as I watched them practice, but soon my fascination grew.   I would edge a little closer each time, and despite the fear I eventually found myself wanting to try it.  It started out with just being able to hold a lit torch (a big step).  Eventually I worked my way up to actually eating fire, transforming from scared and scarred child to master of combustible ingestion.




One Response to “Bio”

  1. Wow, I definitely commend you for facing your fear so well!

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