Raves & Reviews

“Edward Jamison, Eegore, and The Combustible Circus is serious fun for the whole family – and you can decide whether you want to leave the kids at home or not (but they are more than welcome if they can take the heat!) I love seeing entertainment all audiences can enjoy. The Combustible Circus does just that. Edward and Eegore can bring epic thrill just about anywhere. So if you’re getting married… or even divorced – please invite the Combustible Circus. Two scorching thumbs up!” – Hunter Ray Barker

“…. In addition to magic, there was a pre-show with Professor Fire who did some death defying fire tricks right in front of our eyes.” – From a Yelp review of a show at Kip Barry’s Cabaret

“…. I wish I had caught names, but he was the fire eater. I don’t know how he didn’t singe his beard! He was such a funny guy and his dance moves are on point! 🙂 – From a Google review of a show at Kip Barry’s Cabaret

I threw a big Halloween event for my birthday, complete with a choose-your-own-adventure maze and party filled with side shows. Edward and Eegore were a big part of it. Their act was equal parts impressive and hilarious, and they knew exactly how to play to the crowd. They were professional, punctual, and incredibly supportive, and I would greatly recommend them to anyone looking for a uniquely fiery performance!” – Dave Penner

“Edward tantalizes with his death defying fire eating skills! It was an incredible experience having him on the Lemon Drop set!” – Stephanie Greenquist, Writer/Director

“Ed and Eegore came by the studio and performed their Fire Eating show live and it was definitely an entertaining experience. The two of them play well off each other to keep the audience engaged and laughing with surprisingly good humor. I did an interview show with them and they’re both down to earth performers” – Neil Hollywood

“If you’re looking for a Fire Eater you can’t go wrong with Ed. He is professional, extremely safety conscious and has a look that delivers on both the stage or in front of the lens!” –  Jason A. Wallace, Writer/Director of The Full Walrus

“Ed was such a pleasure to do business with – a pro from the start! Talented, smart, efficient and timely makes for a great hire!!” – Bonnie, Sammie’s Circle

“Edward ASTOUNDS! He makes FIRE look tasty (and harmless!)”- Ms Fever Blister, A Pinch of Glitter Productions

“Killer fire act and awesome manipulation and I can’t believe he can do all that with a huge manly beard!” -Dangerous D

“Ed Jamison is a superb performer.  He has amazing stage presence and charisma.  Watching him play with fire is purely magical.  He captivated the audience of my show within seconds.  Off-stage, he is professional, warm, generous, and totally reliable.  Ed Jamison is a class-act.” – Amanda Callas, The Amanda Variety Show

“It was a great experience for us too accompanying you – Looking forward to working together again, thanks!! – Brenda, The Panache Orchestra

“Thanks so much for making the trip and performing for us. Everyone enjoyed your performance.”  – Marc Nally, Typhoon Saloon

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