Recent Projects and Appearances

I’ll be making a cameo in the soon to be released BunnyMan 3: BunnyMan Vengeance..


A music video for the song “Worm Vacation” Performed by the band Duk, and Directed by Nicky Giraffe.

“The Full Walrus”, A new short film –  Psychological Thriller by Jason A. Wallace

“The Secret Circus – Another Round” – Three Clubs in Los Angeles.

Uncle Dartbag presents: The First Annual Garden Party / Freak Show and Costume Ball at The California Institute of Abnormalarts.

Freak Show at The California Institute of Abnormalarts.

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest – Told Misfortunes.

The 5th Annual Spook Show at Halloween Club, La Mirada

Lemon Drop – A Drama by Stephanie Greenquist

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Treats Ad Campaign

Batcave Los Angeles at the Long Beach Zombiefest


Members of The Beautiful Freaks Variety Show and Dangerous D’s Shock Show.

Guest performers at Kip Barry’s Cabaret.

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