Recent Projects and Appearances

I’ll be making a cameo in the soon to be released BunnyMan 3: BunnyMan Vengeance..


A music video for the song “Worm Vacation” Performed by the band Duk, and Directed by Nicky Giraffe.

“The Full Walrus”, A new short film –  Psychological Thriller by Jason A. Wallace

“The Secret Circus – Another Round” – Three Clubs in Los Angeles.

Uncle Dartbag presents: The First Annual Garden Party / Freak Show and Costume Ball at The California Institute of Abnormalarts.

Freak Show at The California Institute of Abnormalarts.

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest – Told Misfortunes.

The 5th Annual Spook Show at Halloween Club, La Mirada

Lemon Drop – A Drama by Stephanie Greenquist

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream Treats Ad Campaign

Batcave Los Angeles at the Long Beach Zombiefest

Fight Club OC – Roy Englebrecht, CEO, Englebrecht Promotions & Events

Members of The Beautiful Freaks Variety Show and Dangerous D’s Shock Show.

Guest performers at Kip Barry’s Cabaret.

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