The Story of Eegore..

Eegore was the King of Clowns at the Moscow Circus circa 1860. When the knife thrower’s assistant fell for him and he her, life seemed wonderful. But when the Ringmaster set his sights on her, he confronted Eegore to tell him to back away. He refused, and a struggle ensued. The Ringmaster killed Eegore, and buried him in a shallow grave. Professor Fire dug him up and reanimated him, and he is now his ‘indentured servant’…or is he?

When Eegore is not keeping Professor Fire alive and unburned, he is Jym DeNatale, a voice actor.

You can hear some of his most recent work with the Carmen Online Theater Group at

This talented group of actors bring you audio horror stories that are currently archived and more will be produced and recorded soon. Listener discretion is advised.

His Vocal talents have also been featured in the trailers for Damnation of Souls and 420 High Desert Way, both from Waterfront Entertainment.

As well as on the Bunnyman Massacre: Grindhouse Edition Trailer
ANOC Productions, a trailer at the beginning of the film and a lengthy voice over to open the film.

Here is the link to his voice acting page:

Completed class:

Fundamentals of Commercial Voice-Over
School: Aliso Creek Productions, Burbank, CA
Instructor: William Williams
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